About Diyar Outdoor

Diyar Outdoor is a leading out-of-home (OOH) advertising in Iraq, which provides its clients with a comprehensive selection of billboard options. Its industry-leading selection of billboards includes small-to-medium sized – 4x3m and 8x3 ground and roof mounts – as well as large sized – 12x4 unipoles, 14x4 wall mounts, and 10x5, 15x5, and 20x5 roof mounts.

As Iraq’s first OOH advertising company, Diyar has developed a strong, nuanced understanding of the local market, which allows it to assist of campaign planning and provide consultations and in-depth market analysis. Diyar is also well equipped to assist in the design process and keep customers updated on on-the-ground situations.

Since its founding in 2004, Diyar Outdoor has built a reputation of delivering high quality services in a timely fashion as its local teams respond to orders with immediate deployment. Diyar Outdoor also utilizes on-call freelance teams to ensure that jobs are completed in record time.

Diyar Outdoor is the ideal OOH advertising agency for advertisers and businesses seeking to penetrate the Iraqi market, as it is equipped with the proper technology, personnel, and know-how to successfully navigate the country’s often unforeseen circumstances. 


 With Diyar Outdoor, total exposure is inevitable.

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